Hey girls, Isabella here!

I’m super excited to have you on board my affiliate program! Just can’t wait to see & share your posts

I’m also really looking forward to meeting you at our KML events, they’re going to be so much fun! But for now,

Lots of Love Isabella x

  • Exclusive Discounts

  • Early Access

  • Earn Money

  • Invitations To Exclusive Kiss My Lips Events And Collaborations.

  • Opportunities For Increased Exposure And Growth Within The Fashion Influencer Community.

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What you need to know when becoming a KML Affiliate.

Kiss My Lips Affiliate Program Policy

The Kiss My Lips Affiliate Program aims to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers and content creators who share our passion for fashion and embody our brand values. As an affiliate, you will gain access to exclusive benefits, including discounts, early access to collections, and invitations to KML events, in exchange for promoting Kiss My Lips products on your social media platforms.

Affiliate Criteria:
To maintain eligibility for the Kiss My Lips Affiliate Program, affiliates must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Minimum Posting Requirements:
  2. Content Guidelines:
  3. Quality Standards:

Benefits of Compliance:
Affiliates who meet the minimum posting requirements and uphold the content guidelines will continue to receive exclusive benefits, including:

  • Exclusive discounts on all goods available on the Kiss My Lips store.
  • Early access to new collection drops, allowing affiliates to stay ahead of trends.
  • Invitations to exclusive Kiss My Lips events and collaborations.
  • Opportunities for increased exposure and growth within the fashion influencer community.

Failure to meet the minimum posting requirements outlined above may result in the nullification of the affiliate contract with immediate effect. Affiliates who consistently fail to fulfill their obligations may be removed from the program and forfeit access to associated benefits.

The Kiss My Lips Affiliate Program is built on the foundation of collaboration, creativity, and mutual success. By adhering to the criteria outlined in this policy, affiliates can maximize their opportunities for growth, engagement, and partnership with Kiss My Lips. We look forward to fostering a thriving community of fashion enthusiasts who share our love for style and innovation.

This policy is subject to periodic review and may be updated at the discretion of Kiss My Lips.


To register your interest in becoming a KML Affiliate please simply fill out the form provided below. Upon applying a member of staff will tend to your application at the earliest convenience.